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We are very proud of our region, on which the history of vinegrowing has left its stamp.

The chapels at the top of the hills of Brouilly and Fleurie were built there to entreat the Virgin Mary for her help in the fight against the scourge of powdery mildew.

The busts set on the squares of Chiroubles and Romanèche-Thorins are to pay homage to two “saviours of the vine”. Victor Pulliat in Chiroubles who advocated the use of grafting in the fight against the phylloxera aphid and Benoit Raclet in Romanèche-Thorins who found a way to combat the pyralid grub: "scalding".

Viticulture is present the world over but our region will forever remain the fountainhead of these landmarks in vinegrowing history, however our vinegrowing area evolves.

This history was paid in our predecessors’ sweat and tears, but world-wide vine culture has moved forward thanks to their work and we are very proud of them. It is for them that we are honour-bound to continue and transmit the work they started.                                         




    "La Madone" on Fleurie was built in 1867                              



                   The bust of Victor Pulliat on the village square in Chiroubles