The Harvest

A big thank you to all our harvesters !

This is the culminating point of our year’s work in the vines, making it both decisive and thrilling. We have to adapt to the coming year and no two years are ever alike in our profession. Nature is the only decision maker in this business. If it rains a few weeks before the harvest (like in 2004) we have to keep a very careful watch for rot, if it’s very hot (like in 2003) we have to bring the harvest date forward to maintain the balance between alcohol levels and acidity.

Picking lasts around a week, during this time we give board and lodging to our pickers. home



                       The harvesting team


                          The pickers at work


                                   Snack time

The harvest is by hand (following Beaujolais regulations). We employ around 40 people with Éric managing the team. We are lucky to have a number of regulars who know the work and pass the knowledge on to the newcomers. On the first day we take the time to show each person how to sort the grapes on the vine.




       The "porteur" (hod carrier) emptying his hod     



  Cleaning the buckets at lunchtime and in the evening

When necessary we also use a sorting table where 4 people do a second sorting hod by hod.                


                              Sorting on the “sorting table”