We have been using integrated vinegrowing and winemaking techniques since 1999.

What does integrated mean?

This is when close observation of the vines throughout the year is used to cut down on the use of plant health products to what is essential for the plant and the quality of the grapes while keeping respect for nature firmly in mind.

As a result of this hard work we no longer need to combat the red spider mite: the typhlodrome mite that is one of its formidable predators is present in high numbers in our vineyards. It limits the spread of the red spider mite, rendering it harmless. Nevertheless, we have to check up on it every spring with observation using a magnifying glass and counting.                                                            

         the typhlodrome mite

                       Entomophageous auxiliaries


Why use integrated techniques?

We have a three-way motivation to use integrated vinegrowing techniques:

1/ protection of the environment and our milieu.

2/ protection of the consumer and the vinegrower.

3/ to save money

All this through the limitation of the number of treatments       home