“Made to measure” wines



Beaujolais remains, along with Champagne, the only winemaking region in France where hand picking is an obligation. People often don’t know that the grapes for the Beaujolais Crus, Beaujolais-Villages and Beaujolais Nouveau all have to be harvested by hand. It is written into the appellation decrees.

A few years ago we might have liked to be allowed to use a harvesting machine like our colleagues in other French winemaking regions. But now, with hindsight and after a few difficult years in which rigorous sorting saved the harvest, we are pleased that we kept this constraint and we wouldn’t change it for anything. Ours are “made to measure wines” and they’re staying that way!

During the first day or harvesting, we explain to our harvesters how to sort, bunch by bunch. We take the time necessary to show each of the pickers how to sort. We require every bunch to be examined and that every single rotten or desiccated berry be discarded. We feel that the best sorting is carried out on picking, so that any damaged berries are never in contact with healthy ones.





Sorting is bunch by bunch and every damaged berry is discarded




This is time consuming work, but for difficult vintages it saves our harvest.



We would particularly like to thank our pickers for the hard work they do.